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Just Keep At It

Does it feel like your own? Even when you are alone Do your fingers grasp it? Is it the best fit?
But you still in two minds Looking through those blinds My future, my present, my past Till when will this last?
Not enough support to ride on Seems like a distant dawn Let me take the “normal” way At least will know day by day
Then, somewhere deep inside “I also don’t want to hide This is where I belong This is what I long”
So here, take my word Need not to go with the herd If there is enough fire Be sure, you will never tire
Just keep at it, don’t drop it Progress begins bit by bit The clouds will surely move You just be in the groove
Some years later, you look back “This is where I changed my track” Not only you, but others around Even those, you used to hound
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All The Same, But

I want to ask a few things As the morning bird sings Is someone else waking you up? Now does he ask wassup?
Does he also give that extra time Irrespective of the chime Are your mornings still the same If not, do you still pass the blame
Without you being with him Even though chances are brim Does he just message “something wrong” Does he also remind you of that song
Is he awake till you sleep Does he also hide his weep Does he call and only you cut It is all the same “but”
Are his words also as loud Does he make you feel proud I seriously hope he is tall And you do have a ball
These questions cross my head But I mark this zone as red Whatever the answer may be I am sure there is still no “we”

I Stand

Seated along with all of them Multiple thoughts that stem Decision, path, the way ahead A bed or it is red?
Even though they also disparate I don’t know how to rate Still on a set, proven path While I, in a rain bath
Some agree some ignore For others, it is a bore “This just does not make sense Why are you making it tense”?
Do I take undue pride? Even in a supported ride Or it is truly a high To the world, I say Bye
While today even I don’t know The direction for the blow But for I will stay Even without a rays

Why Should I Care?

I have decided to change my course
Support from only one source
They are always standing by me
While others want to look and see

Justifications, answers to all
Even though it is my call
What next, why now, why
But alone, when I cry

So why should I care
My choice, isn't that fair
I will see how it goes
I will face all the blows

I know it is a drastic change
Probably a shot beyond my range
But then worth giving a shot
Life was anyways going to rot

Logic Or Emotion

I thought love is only an emotion
Just happens, just go with it
But passing through life, I feel
That was just a notion

Love has logic, like any other thing
We ignore it, we avoid it
And then go with the words
No melody, but still want to sing

You love because of many reasons
Qualities missing, or qualities you admire
Add to that the right timing
Still why it fades away with seasons?

The answer lies in the notion
You forget the logic, forget the reason
"This is love, all this happens"
Login misconstrued as an emotion

My Own Path

Wanting to make my own path
Fresh like an early morning bath
Hoping to like it this time around
Hoping that I will be found

Right now, seems to be hard
Someone else dealing the card
Hoping for that one click
Hoping that it would just stick

With talent and passion in line
I take it as a sure sign
Hoping it creates the same image
Hoping to perform on the big stage

Hope is a beautiful thing
Cacophony, but you still sing
But since hope it not enough
Trying, even though it is tough

Enough Sun, Not Enough Hay

This is the very first time Even though it is no crime But the impact, big enough When did writing get tough?
A head full of notions A heart full of emotions But why can’t I pour it To try again, I sit
Surprisingly, still no impact Whereas it is a fact It came naturally to me How can this even be?
Is at an overdose taking toll Am I not apt for this role? Or it is just an off day “Writer’s Block” as they say
A still pen, a running mind Answer I have to find Going deep into the reserves This road has many curves
I got it, finally I think A deep breath, let it sink There was too much to say Enough sun, not enough hay