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Whisper Louder Than The Shout

Together for the time that we were
Long ago, so memories blur
But still I recollect we talked
What if this equation was rocked?

Maybe I myself told you
Or just another way, I have no clue
But the so called mutual agreement was
That only I would be lost cause

I am more dependent, more in love
You still a strong independent dove
I told you once just fear the other end
Once put off, I never look beyond the bend

Obviously no mutual agreement here
I also didn't push, to be fair
But the way things have panned out
The whisper turned out louder than the shout
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Different Horizons, Same Sun

He was walking down the aisle He just went back in time To the days when he would be there Working all day, even tirelessly through the night Things not making sense, Some words still stuck in his memory Words too big for the boy back then They were just there, but never came through “You just have to keep going The dots always connect backwards” Only the first part made sense The owner of the company that wants to hire Addressing the crowd, which was once his own “Hard work always pays off, just keep going” A slim hand rises in the crowd Fascinated a question pops “How did you plan all this? “How did you know this was your destination” Fumbling to between the truth and his stature He chooses what is right Two completely different horizons But the same sun sets for both “Dots always and only connect backwards”

Miracles, I No Longer Bet

Sitting with folded arms
Eyes in the endless farms
Random movements in the head
Twitching around on the bed

A miracle is about to take place
I have tightened my shoe ace
Waiting for this for quite long
Hope it is accompanied by my song

The waits extends a little longer
The urge grows a bit stronger
Perspiration, tension creep in
What to unlock the tin?

I go out, seek advice
Not far away from the dais
The moment is right here
Now my life will steer

But another disappointment awaits
The result everyone hates
So I put on the thinking hat
It is me or my bat?

Finally, a realisation down the way
I have to dive to reach the bay
Take my guard, the stance is set
On miracles, I no longer bet

Effect & Cause

Always wanted to give it a try I will be honest, I won’t lie So a still nudge worked that day Even in the heat of May
The process was simple enough Just about one or two puff Then you just go with the flow It affects nice and slow
Soon it is common affair What people say, I don’t care The buzz louder than others We two become brothers
The bond goes only way Even though the effect may sway Then it is more about the hand The mind has parted from the band
This is what was told But I am still bold “A long enough break That too I can take”
I do it time and again Believe me, there is no pain But permanence scares me Addiction, not sure, maybe

Us, We & He

A group of friends
Sitting around, in a circle
They chat, laugh, cry together
It is only about those friends, those people
Thoughts, opinions begin to match with time
Connections only seem to grow stronger
Not realising they are connected on a much deeper level
They go with the flow
The once invisible influences now come to the fore
While they can be positive or negative
Just that the latter stick easily, are adapted more readily
While 'he' does not fathom the change
It is sure that something is not the same
The focus, perseverance, determination have all dulled in the background
He probably does not even notice 
It is only people around him that do
Making him understand is tough so we switch to what may have caused it
A short and crisp explanation suffices
'You are only the average of five people closest to you'

Many Barks, All Hollow

As durations thin All ask with a grin Why now it’s shorter? What after you got her?
A simple answer to follow Many barks, but all hollow Only the idea has an appeal The emotion, no seal
You are the perfect one Problems you have none But you could just alter one bit? Then we would be a sure hit
Looks, appeal greatly matter While conversations all scatter I strongly believe in it But mine was different, come sit
Both share the blame But is not a game So losers at both end Different road, same bend
The sky is bright blue And I genuinely love you As soon as it turns a little red Sorry, I want to go to bed

Best Left Unanswered?

Should I ask these questions? What exactly is happiness? Is this what we are really chasing? When do we know we are there?
It is just an internal feeling? Do we just know we are “happy”? Do love, success contribute? Or does it lead to them?
Is it there at the destination? Are we moving towards it? Or we have to move with it? Is it intrinsic to the path?
Are all these questions irrelevant? It is best left unanswered? Do the answers cause the confusion? Or there is light at the end of this tunnel?