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It Will Click

The thought, still ruffles my heart It is still not an empty cart Some emotions, times still come back Lot of others, placed on the rack
It is no longer a tussle Doesn’t also involve that much bustle Agreed totally it had to end But then why I took that bend?
Whatever promises were made They have gone through the blade But what about the next time around Will I again drown the pound?
What is first, is always the first But now that it has burst Will the charm, excitement come again? Will it be the same rain?
Answers I know are clouded Some are even shrouded But seeing the progress since then I bring it from head to pen
Mistakes are also a part of it Learning, understanding the important bit The next time around it will surely click The experience would help me pick
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The Same Beach

A question rings my soul Will I ever reach my goal? It is too much to aim Will it all end in shame?
Yes, my path is away In fact, making my own way But is all of it needed? Just stick to what is seeded
I struggle, slog long hours With others at various bars Many of them will also reach Will it be the same beach?
So many things, plus the job Not even enough time to sob Hanging out in groups they laugh Experiencing the other half
Is my seriousness a little too much Or should I remain as such It is a waste of an effort Will this only hurt?
The ring comes and goes While the river still flows While the beach may the same It will have my name

Vain Or Gain

Fingers on the keyboard again “Is it all in vain? Do I write just because” And then comes the pause
Being alone here Is it out of fear? Or the introvert finds a vent To showcase his own dent
If it is truly for me, only me Why publish for everyone to see? Why the response, views matter? My feelings, then why they scatter?
Do I just like it as a skill? In return, it acts a pill? Or it has a deeper sense Questions, now making me tense
In the end, unable to pinpoint The conclusion is joint No, it is not in vain On multiple fronts, I gain

My Shore, My Boat

It started with a lot of zest
Even if it is not, will make it the best
Ready to change all for it
Even got adjusted bit by bit

Encouraging signs at the start
"I have landed the perfect dart"
Slowly but surely a slight shift
"Let me keep aside that one drift"

Some more time, some things unfurl
Getting increasingly difficult to curl
So now it is almost crystal clear
It is water, and not beer

"He" questions my will, my skill
While sometimes pay his bill
Nothing coming from top down
While he is the crowd facing clown

Saddens me, on multiple fronts
Why do I face all the brunts
The bigger picture is far worse
A good product, a management curse

While my end is set, the boat will change
The shore will never be out of range
But "he" would probably later ask
"Why the push, it was my task"

A Tide, A Shore

The three musketeers, obviously inseparable Even without knowing what to do at the table Would always stick around like a brother Even ending up just sitting beside each other
Two of them shared a special bond Different backgrounds, still extremely fond One never had to say a word Even before that, it was heard
I had another association in between Distances increased, the fondness still to be seen When things ended, he came forward With a big heart, he accepted the coward
Time passed, some amount accumulated Even approximations varied, it was so backdated But then each started on his own Honestly, the expectation has grown  
An argument was how it was sorted I was even rude, some words, dotted But it was a significant bill And he was still, still
Things, obviously not normal post that But here is the bit I am stuck at When I think I was no wrong I already wrote a song
Another invitation was also not enough Now he was in huff But still in touch with the third Who was never the giving bird
At this place, I halt W…

Happy Half Delivery

Yes I am a fully grown up boy
But I still seem to fall for the ploy
Spend a lot of time in front of the mirror
While the protein in the stirrer

Don't get me wrong, not for the body
Maybe because I still look shoddy
It is only and only for my hair
I love them, maybe not fair

Setting them right I see my reflection
Paying attention to only one section
But then one day I am not feeling fine
My face doesn't have the same shine

And what about the inside me
At the moment, how would it be
Can the mirror help me with the reply?
Do I really want to give it a try?

Well, maybe not, just the reflection is right
It leaves the other things out of sight
Probably everything I wouldn't want to face
What if it shakes my base?

Extremely happy it delivers only half
Happy it shows the external laugh
The inside, hidden even from myself
Leave aside opening it to thyself

Clouded Thoughts

Walking down the road called life
In between, probably a strife
One thought lingers in my head
Even though the most beautiful sky is red
Even children identify it with blue
Why? Even they don't have a clue
Probably blue appeals as it is calm
Red cannot act as that balm
Or is red too bright to face
Hence blue makes the case?
With clouded reasons I stretch it a little far
Now it is me and the empty bar
What is it that will define me?
Is it what best I want to be
Or is it how others see
Does the movement matter more
Or stability has an independent score
Is it about the song that you sing
Or about the other important thing
Answers still clouded, I walk an extra mile
Should I copy or make my own style
I still don't know, but life goes on
One day I will die, one day I was born