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Is It Just Me?

Maybe someone was right
Probably not about the first sight
But about its immense light
And how it makes you shine bright

The sky is always true
It is only the absence of few
That changes it from blue

It is like a melodious song
You just somehow belong
It holds you like a tong

It is still in my heart
Even though we have been apart
It still fills my cart

But I guess here is the catch
Maybe it does have to be
Or is it just me?

Maybe he already knew Maybe it is not about being right or wrong Maybe that is the best part Maybe it is not a perfect match


He looks out of the window To see the outside world A gentle breeze, the swaying leaves A chirping bird, the shining sun
Why can only he see all this? The rest cannot sit They wait for him to tell his tale He describes the beauty through pain
They see the world with closed eyes He fires their rested mind Life comes shining in the morbid room Till one day when silence takes over
One of them tries to carry the torch He then peeps through the window Only to find a blank brick wall Why could only “he” see all that?


Standing at the crossroads Staring into the unknown The destination seems too far I can only see the path
The feet want to go together The heart flutters to start I stand back, close my eyes Thoughts wander, still can’t decide
I come back at another time A bright day, a fresh mind It is no longer quadratic And I am still static
The opinions now begin to cloud Days go by, and some new thoughts Will I ever reach there? Am I already late to start?
I close my eyes again But this time is different Probably it's not the right way But still gets me a step closer
The path subsumes the goal A new day and a new thought Was it all about starting? Will we meet some day?

You Did No Wrong

I forgive you, I have no complains Unlike me, but it is for my own peace Let us be mature to understand You did no wrong, this is you
I was never looking for any returns But that is easier said than done I would do the same any other day I did no wrong, this is me
But what would change then? Either I would know where to stop Or she would know, and start But you did no wrong, this is you
The result is for everyone to judge The story will always be mine And I am totally at peace because I did no wrong, this is me

Mind, Heart & Feet

Am I deceived by what I see Or does the rose really smell good? Was it the right turn to take? Or does moving forward is all that matters
The feet struggle between the heart and mind I stop, turn back and see where I have come Sometimes I feel I am on the right travelator At other instants, we are in opposite directions
Am I always like this? Is this me? Or is it because of a complex emotion Would it be better to reconcile the differences? Or I just need to give it time
I still keep walking, with a hope in my heart Something awaits me at the end of the path Someday, I will reap the benefits of these times Someday, the directions would align