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Us, We & He

A group of friends
Sitting around, in a circle
They chat, laugh, cry together
It is only about those friends, those people
Thoughts, opinions begin to match with time
Connections only seem to grow stronger
Not realising they are connected on a much deeper level
They go with the flow
The once invisible influences now come to the fore
While they can be positive or negative
Just that the latter stick easily, are adapted more readily
While 'he' does not fathom the change
It is sure that something is not the same
The focus, perseverance, determination have all dulled in the background
He probably does not even notice 
It is only people around him that do
Making him understand is tough so we switch to what may have caused it
A short and crisp explanation suffices
'You are only the average of five people closest to you'

Many Barks, All Hollow

As durations thin All ask with a grin Why now it’s shorter? What after you got her?
A simple answer to follow Many barks, but all hollow Only the idea has an appeal The emotion, no seal
You are the perfect one Problems you have none But you could just alter one bit? Then we would be a sure hit
Looks, appeal greatly matter While conversations all scatter I strongly believe in it But mine was different, come sit
Both share the blame But is not a game So losers at both end Different road, same bend
The sky is bright blue And I genuinely love you As soon as it turns a little red Sorry, I want to go to bed

Best Left Unanswered?

Should I ask these questions? What exactly is happiness? Is this what we are really chasing? When do we know we are there?
It is just an internal feeling? Do we just know we are “happy”? Do love, success contribute? Or does it lead to them?
Is it there at the destination? Are we moving towards it? Or we have to move with it? Is it intrinsic to the path?
Are all these questions irrelevant? It is best left unanswered? Do the answers cause the confusion? Or there is light at the end of this tunnel?

A Misunderstood Generation

Multiple affairs before the final draw
Loyalty may be a question mark
"I" more important than "we"
Selfish you may call us to be

Some odd habits, some addictions
But we want to live with them
This is our life, our design
We will still sail through

Yes, we are not the perfect ones
But don't even shy from the truth
Accepting the flaws and mistakes
A widely misunderstood generation

Norms, values, cultures we defy
But also establish new trends
Confident to always make it big
We always want to choose and pick

Craziest developments happening now
Wildest imaginations coming true
It is our minds and visions
That enable all, all of this

Not looking for acceptance
But can't even tolerate objection
We will surely change the face
But in our own way
At our own pace

My Pivot

The start itself is tough
And not because the road is rough
But because there is too much to say
Everything has limitations, even clay

But I will do my best
Put my skills to the real test
Thank you for all the love and care
Otherwise, I would have been bare

You have always held me tight
Given me hope future is bright
Always taught me to stay on the ground
And made sure pests do not hound

The concern in your voice
Leaves me with no choice
But to eat, sleep and rest on time
And drink water with lime :P

Your genuine advice helps me sail
Commit a crime, but out without bail
Even he could not create
Words that would satiate

But thank you again for one and all
For picking me up after every fall
With you as the oxygen of my life
I will win each and every strife

The First Step

Thinking of the time gone by
It did not even wait for a sigh
How could I have done more?
Even thinking makes a sore

I had too much to manage
Still could escape without damage
I think that in itself is a feat
That I could hold on my seat

Cut to this time frame
I am still the same
Development in all spheres is on
So what about the time gone?

Could I have done better?
Should I have become wetter?
Is it because of lack of trying?
I just let it pass, sighing

The inner voice shouts "Yes"
"But I was already living oncess
How could I have done better", I ask
It says "Finalise a task"

Some days of thought
Some time of drought
But then all makes sense
It is no longer dense

The first step is all that matters
The problem around me shatters
With a task at my hand
I sit, but this time to stand

Roots & Shoots

I am sure it is I Who wants to achieve a high I think, I plan, I do Leaving nothing to clue
The quality, desire is all mine I work even while I dine And then a ring of the bell My friend’s parents in our cell
Simple, smiling souls He serves the dinner in bowls The silence creates a noise What happened to the poise?
It is in front of my eyes The difference between the skies That is just the start Not even the main part
The contrast just grows The time around me slows I probably have very little to add It is all because of my dad
With his vision in my eyes My mom to remove the flies I embark on this journey of life Well sliced, but the knife?
It is all because of them The green leaf and the stem My act is just to follow All else is absolutely hollow
Now I always know Where do I get the glow? Two people, two roots Provided immense shoots

We Do Say Adieu

Probably it is supposed to be a miss Maybe we cannot dismiss The inherent fear may just be true In the end, we do say adieu
It is easy as we begin No one, nothing is a sin But slowly opinions form And then the crowded dorm
But a select few to share A select few who care The rest lost in the time When the poem was a rhyme
Differences in approach and thought The ball does not always pot Now I don’t want to have another go I am fine, I would just lay low
Yes, he was an integral part We were friends, now far apart Whose fault I don’t know We just went with the flow
So yes, the crowd thins A lot went to the bin The inherent fear may just be true In the end, we do say adieu

Create Or Find

I am meant to do something To do something special I just need to find my calling Just need to find my talent
Successful people have done that Steve Jobs was in love with technology Jordon felt the same about basketball That is why they are who "they" are
So what I am little late I know what I have to do Once I am able to find the answer I will surely overtake everyone
So in this quest I go on and on Everyone around me on the same road We all have something special The earlier you tap, the more life is a rap
But then a "soul" comes to me It marks a much needed in life "Life is not about finding oneself It is about creating oneself"
Waking up every morning to this thought I see how the course has altered Just believe in this and carry on You either find your talent, or create one

It Is Not About Love

I am sorry I have to say It is not love, by the way Something else to hold on Then a relationship is born
The concept of love is overrated With the breath being baited But till when would that last? Soon it is a thing of the past
So if not love, what is it? Let us decipher bit by bit Emotions that are there to stay And not shaped like clay
Respect I am absolutely sure Is one very good cure Its permanence and its basis Forms a firm chassis
Similarities in approach With each being the coach Understanding, accepting each other With none being the mother
You may say love subsumes all Here is where lies the great fall Has it been the same There would not be a separate name
Love is just the outer peel It is not the final seal It is the seed that grows It is the seed that shows

Life's Life Line

Their use never ends As they go through the bends To bathe, wash and clean And still we are mean
They are the true life line Their changing colour is a sign Even though they quench our thirst We do not put them first
“They will always be there So why should I spare Even if they die out Someone else will shout”
This attitude is a norm We cannot fathom the storm High time that we stop Or be left with a drop
We can still change our course Ensure we take care of the source Today, let us all take a pledge Not money, but rivers we hedge

Nothing & Everything

As the flight takes off
So does my though
Is this me on the top?
Or am I just a prop

Priorities, goals have changed
Probably even I ain't the same
Giving it all I have, all my might
But will that alone suffice?

The people, conditions also matter
The timing, situation all have a role
How much will I be able to account?
Will I be able to turn it around?

Nothing and everything is right
Opportunities, options abound
Listeners and actions I doubt
Do I stay and change, or is it lame

Will all these questions in my mind
Answers I still can't decide Meanwhile, flight is sailing smooth
And that harbingers a change

Maybe it is the initial struggle
Maybe it is that first thrust
Then it is you above the cloud
A smooth sail, a monitored ride

I Promise Once Again

A thousand thoughts in my head
Should I just go to bed? Never mind, one is no big deal And so, there goes the seal
A lighter I bought long ago I will stop at just one blow But just for the urge to stop Force myself to go to a shop
Can that make me wait It is too late But then, it has been long Especially with my favorite song
So I get up, grab my shirt Wait, I will come back and flirt A long walk in the scorching heat Ends on an uncomfortable seat
An exchange of familiar looks Free from all the hooks The lighter lightens one end And I find a secluded bend
That feeling grabs me again The effort, no longer a pain This is surely my last Like the promises of the past
I begin to walk back Feels as if I am carrying a sack Why did I falter? Just tell me, how I can alter?

Go Ahead, Stop

My fingers, my mind, my emotions Same body and different notions Multiple questions, multiple reasons Something to do with the change of seasons?
An eternity has already passed A lot of wisdom amassed But has all been in vain? Does it all go down the drain?
Now the fingers take over Lead by emotions? Give me a break I type the name, type the number Something wakes me out of slumber
I know I should delete Problems will be replete I convince life is better now I remember the old vow
“You will not do this ever again All you got was immense pain” Reasons aside, I still march ahead Number saved and enough said
When was the last seen? Where, how she has been? All answers absolutely futile But the doubts still pile
Deleting it, I make a swear “I have to take care I can’t afford to do this It takes away my bliss”
Yes, she was wrong Yes, she took my song Yes, I am over it Getting repaired bit by bit
Then comes another day Promises made of clay Till when will this go on? Am I only a pawn?

Bow & Arrow

He was born to be a player
And what about the other layer?
She was born to be a writer
And what about the fighter?

But do you know the way they are?
They have come so far
Surely they had it in them
They were born to be a gem

The start itself being wrong
It was their own song
Try to sing it once and know
It does not just go

Yes, the end is their own
But what about the seeds sown
The toil to ensure they blossom
Yes, finally, life is awesome

All wishing for a similar end
But turning back on seeing a bend
Keep walking and soon you will know
The arrow is as important as the bow

The Poet In Me

Rushing for an early morning ride Luck was on my side Only a two minute delay And the Uber was there to say
Got in the front seat Settled to the music beat From there a conversation starts Coming ahead is interesting parts
We get to the family tree A talk that is free He has a daughter and a son And responsibilities, a tonne
The daughter only three years old And then the story, let it unfold I ask “what about the other one?” He says “Plans, I have none”
An engineer sitting on beside Swept away by the tide “But what about your support” He answers -“It was for that I report
“He likes a pencil and a white sheet On that, anyone he can beat Let him pursue his talent, his field Only then there would be a yield”
The poet in me raises his voice “Why you did not make that choice What stopped you after all? Why did you stall?”
It is wrong to shift the blame I should have believed in my game Everyone would have been my side And then it would have been my tide
But then it is never too late I still do not have to wait I will surel…