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A Window, A Cry

It was just like any other day
I had no clue that it would stay
But it has, and for how long
What lines are you thinking along?

A person looking into my eye
A window between our cry
Whose side would you want to be?
He had a lot more to see

A body my age, a soul very mature
To this day I am not sure
Was the tear out of pity
Or for the abundant city

The distance and the clarity, increased
For that very moment, my life seized
It was about my love, career and goal
It was about his food, family and hole


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Now That

Now that I have stepped into this Still unsure, is it my bliss? Or I will succumb to the pressure And not want to explore the treasure
Now that I have stepped into this Will I be able to dismiss? The comforts of the other world The support of the complete herd
Now that I have stepped into this I cannot afford to be remiss In fact, the attention needs to double I also need to be prepared for trouble
Now that I have stepped into this I will ensure it is not a miss I will surely find my own way

Just Keep At It

Does it feel like your own? Even when you are alone Do your fingers grasp it? Is it the best fit?
But you still in two minds Looking through those blinds My future, my present, my past Till when will this last?
Not enough support to ride on Seems like a distant dawn Let me take the “normal” way At least will know day by day
Then, somewhere deep inside “I also don’t want to hide This is where I belong This is what I long”
So here, take my word Need not to go with the herd If there is enough fire Be sure, you will never tire
Just keep at it, don’t drop it Progress begins bit by bit The clouds will surely move You just be in the groove
Some years later, you look back “This is where I changed my track” Not only you, but others around Even those, you used to hound