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Beyond the Boundaries

Beyond the boundaries of right and wrong A big yellow farm, a small beautiful home The hot tea waiting to be poured The sun peeping through the holes
It knows no difference, still shines bright A squeaking bed, a wrinkled hand The touch brings the covers to life A thousand emotions through the eyes
Not a rocking chair, but a reassuring arm The sparkling smile makes every day full of life The bodies clearly outnumber the souls No gifts to the guests, but an experience to cherish

Back To The Future

To be in love is like walking on the moon Difficult to control yourself, swaying with the air The world around you changes for the good And you feel you can conquer it all
But then you land on the earth soon Problems, in your face they glare The beliefs on which “you” stood The friends you used to call
“The happily after” seems far away To keep her happy, you laugh through pain Waking up till 4 am to calm her nerves With no one to ask you about your red eye
She came in my life to stay Probably I was not sane It had nothing to do with the curves But I never wanted to say good bye
I am still not over her, but I am far I feel complete, I feel worthy, I feel I am back Someday, I want her to get this fact She will regret this, while I will forget it
What has remained is a deep scar But life is back on the right track I feel proud I was not sacked And doused the fire, but not before it lit
I don’t want her to come back to me I want her to value the person who loves her now You would say I am still in love But at leas…

That Time Of The Year

A very happy birthday to you What you mean to me, you have no clue Without you by my side I would have swept away with the tide
A big thank you for all the moments we have shared Thank you, for my mistakes, I was spared You understood me like no one could Even when the will was changed to would
Your story inspires me to date I can say this without any bait You are an inspiration to people like us Who find it difficult even to catch a bus
I know life sometimes is tough But just take it as a seasonal cough Your attitude will always sail Even in time of hail
Be extremely proud of where you are You have really come very far You can handle any situation with a lot of tact Still you keep the simplicity intact
I hope, wish and pray the best for you May all your dreams come true You will always find me standing by Even as the years fly