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Down The Memory Lane

The music goes on; the car comes to a halt
Positions change, destination the same
The cans pop once again
And they go down the memory lane

Still searching for the “elusive” lighter
Slangs flow left and right
He lights up one with the already lighted
A smile on that face, an event in the head

Yes, some things have are not the same
The car can now accommodate easily
The discussion has changed
Now to please let me pay

But like always, that what matters much more
A repartee, a nickname a signature handshake
A story, a suggestion, an advice
And an emotion through the eye

A lot of time has quickly passed by
Things have turned out in their own way
But the bond that still unites their hearts
And they go down the memory lane


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Now That

Now that I have stepped into this Still unsure, is it my bliss? Or I will succumb to the pressure And not want to explore the treasure
Now that I have stepped into this Will I be able to dismiss? The comforts of the other world The support of the complete herd
Now that I have stepped into this I cannot afford to be remiss In fact, the attention needs to double I also need to be prepared for trouble
Now that I have stepped into this I will ensure it is not a miss I will surely find my own way

Just Keep At It

Does it feel like your own? Even when you are alone Do your fingers grasp it? Is it the best fit?
But you still in two minds Looking through those blinds My future, my present, my past Till when will this last?
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Then, somewhere deep inside “I also don’t want to hide This is where I belong This is what I long”
So here, take my word Need not to go with the herd If there is enough fire Be sure, you will never tire
Just keep at it, don’t drop it Progress begins bit by bit The clouds will surely move You just be in the groove
Some years later, you look back “This is where I changed my track” Not only you, but others around Even those, you used to hound