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You Still, I No Longer

I know you still blame me You still feel that I am wrong You still believe I gave up too soon You still think we can be "friends" But do you really think?
You still want me to believe I was once your priority You still want me to accept You have moved on But do you really think?
You still want to share all news You still want to clarify the views You still want that birthday wish You still want to experience that bliss But do you really think?
The new guy is still not your world The comparison is still with me You still convince him things will work You still ask me is he the right one But do you really think? 
I no longer want to be a part of your life I no longer want your acceptance I no longer care about your emotions It is no longer about all of that Now it is about how I felt and feel

A Subtle Difference

We have been apart for very long You still come back, with just one song A subtle difference in what was Now you come with a clause
I hope that we never meet For now, let it be an empty seat The reason is the strange part The mind, heart, both doing their part
Earlier they went for a stroll But pain has now pervaded one and all I will not able to hope for the best What I hope, will a damn test
It would burst the “bubble” I want to be the reason for this trouble But then I want to stop, take a step back Only because I refer to my rack
Stay there, do not come close I can still see through the pose But even if I uncover some of it You would crumble bit by bit