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A Tryst With The One

I look up at the immense sky
Should I give it another try?
Is someone really up there?
Or is it just an emotion "we" share?

There is an answer that we seek
But why only when life is bleak
Not a thought to spare for the smile
Then "I" did it tile by tile

Do we really have to submit
Can't we just admit
We want him to exist
And that is the basic gist

Life is not always rosy
The bed is not always cozy
What if we can't find the reason
Someone should take up this season

We build a personality, a figure
And this is just the trigger
To accept life is not fair
It is easier to accept a dare

In case I want to accept
I would happily take the bet
He is there in each one of us
To meet him, no need to board a bus

What if we individually hear
And treat it as dear
Maybe he would also feel proud
You treat him differently from the crowd

The Perfect Couple

Congratulations to the special two You balance out like a dew The chemistry is ever present And like the perfect crescent
The love and respect you share Combined with the incessant care Makes you a trend setter And trust me, no one can be better
Yes, life changes after marriage But you two have turned the carriage Seeing you, all of “us” feel The real can match the reel
I am blessed to be a part Life for me becomes a chocolate tart I could not have asked for more The extras are already in store
I hope the bond just grows stronger Although it is impossible to grow fonder Many definitions of a perfect pair I rest my case to the chair

His Thoughts, My Journey

Born in a society Even his thoughts were shaped He himself had to grow To know that was the case
Trained to obey the elders He would keep them to himself But sensing this could not work He finally began his journey
At 22, he was already late Some decisions had been made Doubts frequently crept in But this time, he did not relent
Then began the self-discovery Even he did not know what was inside The packet opened layer by layer A delight for him, but for others?
He tried his hands at various things Some worked, some did not He was never sad post the unpacking Just always kept moving on
Now, finally he knows What clicks for him He writes as you read and think A tear rolls down his eye
He hopes it had happened earlier But now he has made this his reason Hoping to show the path to another teen Hoping someone else walk that path