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The Poet In Me

Rushing for an early morning ride Luck was on my side Only a two minute delay And the Uber was there to say
Got in the front seat Settled to the music beat From there a conversation starts Coming ahead is interesting parts
We get to the family tree A talk that is free He has a daughter and a son And responsibilities, a tonne
The daughter only three years old And then the story, let it unfold I ask “what about the other one?” He says “Plans, I have none”
An engineer sitting on beside Swept away by the tide “But what about your support” He answers -“It was for that I report
“He likes a pencil and a white sheet On that, anyone he can beat Let him pursue his talent, his field Only then there would be a yield”
The poet in me raises his voice “Why you did not make that choice What stopped you after all? Why did you stall?”
It is wrong to shift the blame I should have believed in my game Everyone would have been my side And then it would have been my tide
But then it is never too late I still do not have to wait I will surel…

Message With A Dot

A message with a dot
But why does my heart pop
The message was from her
And suddenly the world, blur

This time I flow, I reply
I still don't know why
She was in my mind for some time
Is it a happy coincidence or a crime?

The phone soon reaches the ear
And there goes all the fear
Again on a talking term
Is my decision still firm?

She has reached her aim
Still, why it came
Friends are the missing part
I think I have hit the dart

A guy she thought was the one
Conversation around that "son"
"He was wrong, had he been...."
But to the other side I lean

She gives me some points
I had fixed some joints
Now that karma comes back
I was a palatable sack

Will this start once more?
Is it an open door?
Did I do wrong?
Will it be another sad song?

No, this time it will be me
The outcome for her to see
My opinions still stay
I will steer this away