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The Poet In Me

Rushing for an early morning ride
Luck was on my side
Only a two minute delay
And the Uber was there to say

Got in the front seat
Settled to the music beat
From there a conversation starts
Coming ahead is interesting parts

We get to the family tree
A talk that is free
He has a daughter and a son
And responsibilities, a tonne

The daughter only three years old
And then the story, let it unfold
I ask “what about the other one?”
He says “Plans, I have none”

An engineer sitting on beside
Swept away by the tide
“But what about your support”
He answers -“It was for that I report

“He likes a pencil and a white sheet
On that, anyone he can beat
Let him pursue his talent, his field
Only then there would be a yield”

The poet in me raises his voice
“Why you did not make that choice
What stopped you after all?
Why did you stall?”

It is wrong to shift the blame
I should have believed in my game
Everyone would have been my side
And then it would have been my tide

But then it is never too late
I still do not have to wait
I will surely make it one day
And this story will always stay

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Nothing & Everything

As the flight takes off
So does my though
Is this me on the top?
Or am I just a prop

Priorities, goals have changed
Probably even I ain't the same
Giving it all I have, all my might
But will that alone suffice?

The people, conditions also matter
The timing, situation all have a role
How much will I be able to account?
Will I be able to turn it around?

Nothing and everything is right
Opportunities, options abound
Listeners and actions I doubt
Do I stay and change, or is it lame

Will all these questions in my mind
Answers I still can't decide Meanwhile, flight is sailing smooth
And that harbingers a change

Maybe it is the initial struggle
Maybe it is that first thrust
Then it is you above the cloud
A smooth sail, a monitored ride

Go Ahead, Stop

My fingers, my mind, my emotions Same body and different notions Multiple questions, multiple reasons Something to do with the change of seasons?
An eternity has already passed A lot of wisdom amassed But has all been in vain? Does it all go down the drain?
Now the fingers take over Lead by emotions? Give me a break I type the name, type the number Something wakes me out of slumber
I know I should delete Problems will be replete I convince life is better now I remember the old vow
“You will not do this ever again All you got was immense pain” Reasons aside, I still march ahead Number saved and enough said
When was the last seen? Where, how she has been? All answers absolutely futile But the doubts still pile
Deleting it, I make a swear “I have to take care I can’t afford to do this It takes away my bliss”
Yes, she was wrong Yes, she took my song Yes, I am over it Getting repaired bit by bit
Then comes another day Promises made of clay Till when will this go on? Am I only a pawn?

Life's Life Line

Their use never ends As they go through the bends To bathe, wash and clean And still we are mean
They are the true life line Their changing colour is a sign Even though they quench our thirst We do not put them first
“They will always be there So why should I spare Even if they die out Someone else will shout”
This attitude is a norm We cannot fathom the storm High time that we stop Or be left with a drop
We can still change our course Ensure we take care of the source Today, let us all take a pledge Not money, but rivers we hedge