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We Do Say Adieu

Probably it is supposed to be a miss Maybe we cannot dismiss The inherent fear may just be true In the end, we do say adieu
It is easy as we begin No one, nothing is a sin But slowly opinions form And then the crowded dorm
But a select few to share A select few who care The rest lost in the time When the poem was a rhyme
Differences in approach and thought The ball does not always pot Now I don’t want to have another go I am fine, I would just lay low
Yes, he was an integral part We were friends, now far apart Whose fault I don’t know We just went with the flow
So yes, the crowd thins A lot went to the bin The inherent fear may just be true In the end, we do say adieu

Create Or Find

I am meant to do something To do something special I just need to find my calling Just need to find my talent
Successful people have done that Steve Jobs was in love with technology Jordon felt the same about basketball That is why they are who "they" are
So what I am little late I know what I have to do Once I am able to find the answer I will surely overtake everyone
So in this quest I go on and on Everyone around me on the same road We all have something special The earlier you tap, the more life is a rap
But then a "soul" comes to me It marks a much needed in life "Life is not about finding oneself It is about creating oneself"
Waking up every morning to this thought I see how the course has altered Just believe in this and carry on You either find your talent, or create one

It Is Not About Love

I am sorry I have to say It is not love, by the way Something else to hold on Then a relationship is born
The concept of love is overrated With the breath being baited But till when would that last? Soon it is a thing of the past
So if not love, what is it? Let us decipher bit by bit Emotions that are there to stay And not shaped like clay
Respect I am absolutely sure Is one very good cure Its permanence and its basis Forms a firm chassis
Similarities in approach With each being the coach Understanding, accepting each other With none being the mother
You may say love subsumes all Here is where lies the great fall Has it been the same There would not be a separate name
Love is just the outer peel It is not the final seal It is the seed that grows It is the seed that shows

Life's Life Line

Their use never ends As they go through the bends To bathe, wash and clean And still we are mean
They are the true life line Their changing colour is a sign Even though they quench our thirst We do not put them first
“They will always be there So why should I spare Even if they die out Someone else will shout”
This attitude is a norm We cannot fathom the storm High time that we stop Or be left with a drop
We can still change our course Ensure we take care of the source Today, let us all take a pledge Not money, but rivers we hedge