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Create Or Find

I am meant to do something
To do something special
I just need to find my calling
Just need to find my talent

Successful people have done that
Steve Jobs was in love with technology
Jordon felt the same about basketball
That is why they are who "they" are

So what I am little late
I know what I have to do
Once I am able to find the answer
I will surely overtake everyone

So in this quest I go on and on
Everyone around me on the same road
We all have something special
The earlier you tap, the more life is a rap

But then a "soul" comes to me
It marks a much needed in life
"Life is not about finding oneself
It is about creating oneself"

Waking up every morning to this thought
I see how the course has altered
Just believe in this and carry on
You either find your talent, or create one

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