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Me, Only Me

Even though it is all in the hind She still comes to my mind Comes easily but does not go away Still figuring how to keep her at bay
Even though I totally abide In favour of the blank side That logic is not enough I didn’t know it would be so tough
Even though it has been long I still hum the same song So, I reload my armour Work hard as a farmer
And suddenly it strikes Just as a farmer loves his “bikes” They are there or not Even their seats become hot
But, his investment counts for more Than any fuel score All his life to achieve this And now ignorance is bliss
Probably the same thing here But now, truth not with fear It was me and only me And I would soon again see

Whisper Louder Than The Shout

Together for the time that we were
Long ago, so memories blur
But still I recollect we talked
What if this equation was rocked?

Maybe I myself told you
Or just another way, I have no clue
But the so called mutual agreement was
That only I would be lost cause

I am more dependent, more in love
You still a strong independent dove
I told you once just fear the other end
Once put off, I never look beyond the bend

Obviously no mutual agreement here
I also didn't push, to be fair
But the way things have panned out
The whisper turned out louder than the shout

Different Horizons, Same Sun

He was walking down the aisle He just went back in time To the days when he would be there Working all day, even tirelessly through the night Things not making sense, Some words still stuck in his memory Words too big for the boy back then They were just there, but never came through “You just have to keep going The dots always connect backwards” Only the first part made sense The owner of the company that wants to hire Addressing the crowd, which was once his own “Hard work always pays off, just keep going” A slim hand rises in the crowd Fascinated a question pops “How did you plan all this? “How did you know this was your destination” Fumbling to between the truth and his stature He chooses what is right Two completely different horizons But the same sun sets for both “Dots always and only connect backwards”