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Clouded Thoughts

Walking down the road called life
In between, probably a strife
One thought lingers in my head
Even though the most beautiful sky is red
Even children identify it with blue
Why? Even they don't have a clue
Probably blue appeals as it is calm
Red cannot act as that balm
Or is red too bright to face
Hence blue makes the case?
With clouded reasons I stretch it a little far
Now it is me and the empty bar
What is it that will define me?
Is it what best I want to be
Or is it how others see
Does the movement matter more
Or stability has an independent score
Is it about the song that you sing
Or about the other important thing
Answers still clouded, I walk an extra mile
Should I copy or make my own style
I still don't know, but life goes on
One day I will die, one day I was born

Cost Or Lost

Going through life, I surely realise this
Expectations are bad, break the bliss
As mostly, they won't be met
Since lot of times life is not set
Not meaning to say life is unfair
It is just this way, however much you care

So many a times
You may face some crimes
Someone may take you for a run
Go back and answer, why I the bun

Did you trust him more 
Or was he better on score
Was it based on emotion
Or was it a skill based notion

I know all defeats, losses are sad
But give it to him for your skills were bad
If emotion was where you lost
Don't worry, he paid the cost

A Closet, My Mind

My back against a bed Slight dizziness in my head I enter a big white machine Life, losing its sheen
The reports come out No chance, without a doubt A heartbroken, dejected step When I experience a wrest
Words cut through the noise He stands with a poise “What, what is wrong Have seen you for long”
“I have no more than 90 days” Still the same, he says “You must be around twenty five Let us take a deep dive
How many days you know That still make you glow” A long pause, I can’t say “30 as of today!”
Irritated I shun him off “Please to the point” I scoff Simple response “Okay fine Still, 3 lives in line”
By the take I make sense I wake up, all tense Yes, it was a dream I eat my favourite ice cream
The situation was not there Thank god, thanks for the care But the thought lingers on 25 years have gone
Assets in closet, memories in mind Only one I could bind The direction probably needs to alter Real situation, I cannot falter

Away & Stay

As the numbers on the calendar change The feeling is a little strange Not because I had a bad year Not because something was left Some subtle but noteworthy alterations I don’t know it is the new me Or even how much is even under my control But things start from a very basic level The people I was partying with last year The inbox clutter that was The calls that mattered back then The birthday I was planning for Most of the changes are for the good Sorry, all the changes are for the good Some things I decided to miss Others I am glad I could But still the thought lingers in my head Will next year again be so away And will this thought still stay?