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The Catch

Another weekend about to pass
Again, it’s me and my mass Productivity probably can’t me more All others, out of the door
In line with what I want Ignoring each and very taunt Utilisation at its peak Still more avenues I seek
But, now the end is near Though it had been clear Why still, something bothers me? Everything covered, what I can’t see?
Pondering, surprisingly this time Doesn’t seem like a crime Brings me closer to the why It seems to answer my cry
Yes, everything is great But admit this, even if you hate A small fear, doubt also creeps in What if nothing, just a bin
What if others were right? What if, they are as bright? What if, they mix and match What if, they can still catch?

It Will Click

The thought, still ruffles my heart It is still not an empty cart Some emotions, times still come back Lot of others, placed on the rack
It is no longer a tussle Doesn’t also involve that much bustle Agreed totally it had to end But then why I took that bend?
Whatever promises were made They have gone through the blade But what about the next time around Will I again drown the pound?
What is first, is always the first But now that it has burst Will the charm, excitement come again? Will it be the same rain?
Answers I know are clouded Some are even shrouded But seeing the progress since then I bring it from head to pen
Mistakes are also a part of it Learning, understanding the important bit The next time around it will surely click The experience would help me pick

The Same Beach

A question rings my soul Will I ever reach my goal? It is too much to aim Will it all end in shame?
Yes, my path is away In fact, making my own way But is all of it needed? Just stick to what is seeded
I struggle, slog long hours With others at various bars Many of them will also reach Will it be the same beach?
So many things, plus the job Not even enough time to sob Hanging out in groups they laugh Experiencing the other half
Is my seriousness a little too much Or should I remain as such It is a waste of an effort Will this only hurt?
The ring comes and goes While the river still flows While the beach may the same It will have my name

Vain Or Gain

Fingers on the keyboard again “Is it all in vain? Do I write just because” And then comes the pause
Being alone here Is it out of fear? Or the introvert finds a vent To showcase his own dent
If it is truly for me, only me Why publish for everyone to see? Why the response, views matter? My feelings, then why they scatter?
Do I just like it as a skill? In return, it acts a pill? Or it has a deeper sense Questions, now making me tense
In the end, unable to pinpoint The conclusion is joint No, it is not in vain On multiple fronts, I gain