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Just Keep At It

Does it feel like your own?
Even when you are alone
Do your fingers grasp it?
Is it the best fit?

But you still in two minds
Looking through those blinds
My future, my present, my past
Till when will this last?

Not enough support to ride on
Seems like a distant dawn
Let me take the “normal” way
At least will know day by day

Then, somewhere deep inside
“I also don’t want to hide
This is where I belong
This is what I long”

So here, take my word
Need not to go with the herd
If there is enough fire
Be sure, you will never tire

Just keep at it, don’t drop it
Progress begins bit by bit
The clouds will surely move
You just be in the groove

Some years later, you look back
“This is where I changed my track”
Not only you, but others around
Even those, you used to hound

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Best Left Unanswered?

Should I ask these questions? What exactly is happiness? Is this what we are really chasing? When do we know we are there?
It is just an internal feeling? Do we just know we are “happy”? Do love, success contribute? Or does it lead to them?
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Nothing & Everything

As the flight takes off
So does my though
Is this me on the top?
Or am I just a prop

Priorities, goals have changed
Probably even I ain't the same
Giving it all I have, all my might
But will that alone suffice?

The people, conditions also matter
The timing, situation all have a role
How much will I be able to account?
Will I be able to turn it around?

Nothing and everything is right
Opportunities, options abound
Listeners and actions I doubt
Do I stay and change, or is it lame

Will all these questions in my mind
Answers I still can't decide Meanwhile, flight is sailing smooth
And that harbingers a change

Maybe it is the initial struggle
Maybe it is that first thrust
Then it is you above the cloud
A smooth sail, a monitored ride